'Meltdown' and 'Spectre'

05 January 2018

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Ref: JGH-B 2018-0013




It is possible that you will have seen articles in the news media over the past twenty-four hours of the above two related processor vulnerabilities.


The National Cyber Security Centre (a part of GCHQ) has posted documents on its web site offering guidance for home users at:




and guidance for enterprise administrators at:




Apple’s response to this situation is to be found at:




Please be advised that, according to Apple’s response, ‘these issues apply to all modern processors and nearly all computing devices and operating systems.’


Users should therefore understand that the issues will potentially affect users of Apple computers, iPhones and iPads.


It should be noted that software updates (also referred to as ‘patches’ or ‘mitigations’) have already been, and continue to be, released by Apple.


Twentieth Anniversary

01 April 2015


“It was twenty years ago today …” runs a fairly famous song.


A Cautionary Tale ...

13 August 2014


We know you are busy.  There’s not enough time to check your machine, to archive your email or to back up.  You’ll do it next week when the pressure is off…


MacBook Pro Graphics Chip Problem

06 August 2014


This week we have been investigating a MacBook Pro that has been throwing up all sorts of problems for its user. 


Database, anybody?

29 July 2014


I’m off into Cambridge tomorrow with John as he helps a customer with a database problem.


It pays to build in some maintenance time for your machines

21 May 2014


See if the following situation sounds familiar ...


Top tip on improving your Mac's sluggish performance

13 May 2014


Here's a thought ... Your Mac may need a bit of an overhaul to allow it to work as fast as you do.

GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program)

24 April 2014


I was with a customer yesterday and updating their machine to Mavericks, when I came upon a piece of open-source image-editing software called GIMP (http://www.gimp.org). 



24 April 2014


The Mavericks operating system, or MacOS X 10.9, was released in autumn 2013.  Apple have recently issued the third major update, MacOS X 10.9.3.


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