A Cautionary Tale ...


We know you are busy.  There’s not enough time to check your machine, to archive your email or to back up.  You’ll do it next week when the pressure is off…


We also know we’ve mentioned this before …


This week’s cautionary tale concerns three clients who nearly lost everything.


Client 1 (Bedfordshire) was too busy to archive his email.  He was so concerned lest his colleagues ‘missed something’ that he kept all the graphics attachments stored in his email account - which ran to a massive 27GB.  Needless to say the database corrupted and it took some clever troubleshooting skills by John to rescue him.  It was, however, touch and go, and our client had a sleepless night.


Client 2 (Hertfordshire).  This concerns a large company running on a server that holds all the Design Studio files.  The company was advised to archive data from the server onto the archive drive on a regular basis to prevent the server from becoming too full.  Gill was called in (on another matter entirely) and happened to check the server.  She found that there was only 1.3GB of storage space left.  Another day’s work saved to it and it would have failed.  Disaster was averted in the nick of time and by a complete stroke of luck.


Client 3 (Cambridge).  Her computer had been temperamental but she had so much to do that she kept going, hoping it was just a glitch.  Then came the day when it wouldn’t boot.  The drive had failed and in the hectic and busy office, backing up had been ignored or put on the back burner for when they were less busy.  We had to break the bad news that the drive was damaged and unlikely to be recovered.  It was then that the reality sunk in.  She had lost years and years of work …  Luckily Gill managed to ‘jump start’ the drive and with a tiny window of opportunity was able to copy off some of her most valuable files.


The moral of the story?  Please don’t put yourselves at risk – all of the above could have had much worse outcomes.  We advise you to check your computer now.  And don’t forget to back up your drive.


If you don’t know how, call us and we will help.


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