Apple Mac Repair Specialists Since 1995

JGH Consultants have been providing Apple Mac repair services in and around the Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Essex and Suffolk region since 1995.

The company started when the Quadra was king - although you don't see many of those out there these days! We have many years experience out in the field, providing valuable all-round help to clients of ANY size - from multi-nationals to private users – with their Apple Mac repair needs.

REAL HUMANS TO TALK TO - We are committed to reflect the ethics of the original Apple company (which we still remember!) - Excellent Product, Excellent Support.


We are a mobile organisation, offering Apple Mac repair services that cover an area within a 25 mile radius of Royston. This covers addresses in Hertfordshire. Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex and Bedfordshire, including Royston itself, Cambridge, Hertford, Ware, Hitchin, Bishops Stortford, Stevenage, Harlow, Newmarket and Sandy.


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