Mac OS X Installation


MAC OS X - Apple's revolutionary operating system is now seventeen years old, and the wheel of operating system technology continues to turn. The Intel range of Macs is now shipping with Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) which at the time of writing has already reached its third major update.

With us so far? Or is your head spinning with all this talk of Universal and Rosetta? What happened to Classic support? And what are the implications for Mail and Safari?  Not to mention all of your other software - which has always worked fine up till now ... ?


We are unlikely these days to be asked to update any user from System 9 to Mac OS X directly, because there are simply too many years separating the old from the new; in hardware, in software and in broadband capability.  Even Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) requires multiple jumps to update it to the latest operating system.


However, we are still glad to advise on Mac OS X's suitability to your needs - and on your equipment's suitability to Mac OS X!  Plus, we can supply, install, and give basic tuition in all matters relating to Mac OS X.

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