Rates for Our Apple Mac Services

OUR RATES - have remained unchanged since 1st December 2013:

Minimum Charge - £50.00 + VAT (15 mins, includes site visit)
Site Visit Charge - £35.00 + VAT

£15.00 + VAT per 15 mins, or part thereof

Workshop - £15.00 + VAT per 15 mins, or part thereof (appointment only)
Consultancy - £15.00 + VAT per 15 mins, or part thereof
Phone Support - £FREE to existing customers (where practical - some jobs require a visit)

Email Support - £15.00 + VAT per 15 mins, or part thereof


FREE TELEPHONE SUPPORT - We will not hold you to any expensive service contracts or costly prepaid telephone support. All our telephone support is completely free to existing customers and if we can sort out your problem over the phone, we will, free of charge.  Please note, however, that support via email will be subject to our normal consultancy rates.
JUST ABOUT THE ONLY THING WE DON’T DO - is offer credit. Which means that we do need to be paid for Apple Mac consultancy or troubleshooting on completion of the job. Please note also that we will generally require cleared funds against the purchase of goods.
To make life a little bit less painful in this area, we will happily accept MasterCard, Visa, Connect, Electron, Maestro or Solo - but please note that due to the cost to us of processing, JGH Consultants reserve the right to levy a surcharge of 2.5% on all transactions paid for by Credit Card. There is no surcharge on the use of Debit Cards. 

Contact us for more information on our Apple Mac services.

Get in touch help@jghco.co.uk • 01763 226200