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ANTI-VIRUS PROTECTION - With the increasing popularity of e-mail communication, files are being exchanged with far greater regularity than ever before. Therefore, you computer users are becoming ever more vulnerable to the threat of virus infection, with the consequential risk of loss of or damage to your data. And, indeed, to your business, for not only do you need to protect yourself, but you need also to protect your customers.


Virus infection (including malware) is not something which just happens to PC users any more, either - there are some particularly nasty ones aimed at the Mac, such as Flashback, which aims to steal your passwords while masquerading as Adobe's Flash Player installer.  Furthermore, many viruses are transmitted by files which can be opened on any platform. Talk to us about the protection available to you - we will be happy to advise.


BACKUP SOLUTIONS - Drives fail. If it has never happened to you, I'm afraid it is only a matter of time. And with all the best will and the finest equipment in the world, sometimes it proves impossible to recover data from a damaged drive. Drives can easily be replaced and your software can be reinstalled, but your work is a different matter. Therefore a regular backup is the only solution.

There are plenty of ways this can be achieved, not least of which is to utilise Apple's own Time Machine technology. This is available to all those using Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or any more recent operating system, but please note that you will also require a suitable drive to back up onto!

If in doubt, talk to us about the best means of ensuring that your precious data is not irretrievably lost.
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